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Legal Media Consultation and High Profile Cases

Attorney Jason Turchin has been highly sought after by the media for legal commentary and consultation, and for newsworthy and high profile cases. Here are just a few of the cases Jason has handled throughout his career which have been in the news:

2011 - Jason Turchin has been named as a Super Lawyers Rising Star, a designation which is given only to 2.5% of all Florida lawyers by Super Lawyers.

2011 - Southwest Florida Online - Church settled with victims who were molested by a youth director - The lawsuits filed by two victims of child sexual abuse and molestation have been settled. Jason Turchin represented the victims against the Church of God for negligence in the hiring and retention of the perpetrator.

2011 - Jason was interviewed on the standards of mall security and impact on crime when a mall has cameras or removes them following crimes caught on video surveillance.

2011 - Jason and Kira Turchin were honored by Miami Children's Hospital Foundation for their Cars, Cocktails and Cuisine event benefiting Betty Cares at MCHF.

2011 - Jon Doe v. Coastland Center Mall - This case has received significant media attention because of the alleged failure of mall security and involves a young boy allegedly molested in a mall bathroom by a Collier County Sheriff's Officer. Here are some online stories:

2010 - NBC6 - Police investigate alleged sexual assault at North Shore Hospital by hospital employee against patient - Jason represents the victim of the sexual assault against the hospital for failure to properly supervise and train their employees, negligence in retaining an employee with a history of sexual misconduct, and civil claims for crime victims.

2009 - Jason represented the family of Monica Salama after she was run over and killed by Justin Stewart following an alleged dispute in a local bar. Here are some articles on the case:

2009 - Jason was retained to pursue a wrongful death case on behalf of the surviving daughter of the woman killed when a police officer allegedly raced through an intersection and slammed into her car.

2009 - Jason represented the family of a young girl who was taken from outside her house, brought to an apartment complex and violently raped. The perpetrators fled and were featured on America's Most Wanted.

2008 - Coral Springs, FL - Jason was retained by the mother and victim to investigate possible civil claims after the child victim was kidnapped from her bedroom by an intoxicated teenager.

2008 - Orlando, FL - Jason was retained to pursue a wrongful death claim on behalf of the family of a Disney employee who was killed when a tractor trailer driver was allegedly texting and driving when he slammed into their car and approximately 10 other vehicles. Russell and Kim Hurd became empowered following the loss of their daughter Heather and have become tremendous advocates for a national ban on texting while driving. "Heather's Law" or similar laws have been passed in many states already throughout the US.

Heather's Law

2006 - Channel 7, WSVN - Help Me Howard: Without Warning, when charges are dropped against criminals without the victim's knowledge  - Jason was interviewed by Channel 7 as a legal consultant on the rights of victims when the State Attorney drops charges or refuses to prosecute a criminal for committing a crime.

2006 - With no witnesses, a 19 year old found dead on railroad tracks, and a bar wristband on his wrist, the family of Jeremy Lake called Jason Turchin for help.

2006 - Jason was retained to represent two teenage victims of sexual molestation.

2006 - Channel, WSVN - Help Me Howard: Restitution - Jason was interviewed by Channel 7's Patrick Fraser for a piece on restitution in Florida and how victims can collect money for damages sustained as a result of a criminal act.

2006 - The Tampa Tribune - Names of Hillsborough Collision Victims Released - We represented the victim who was struck head-on by the drunk driver and drunk passenger.

2005 - Jason was retained to investigate a dram shop case on behalf of the family of an underage boy who was served alcohol at a bar, then got into the car with a drunk driver, also served at the bar.

2005 - Broward County, FL - Jason represented the family of a 29 year old who was shot and killed at a gas station as he waited for gas.

2004 - St. Petersburg Times - Autopsy shows tale of shooting was false - After the police declined to file charges, the family of Matthew Cales turned to Jason Turchin for help. Jason represented the family of the boy who was shot by an acquaintance at another person's house in Largo, FL.

2004 - Miami Herald - Pregnant mom killed in crash in Miami - Jason represented two surviving children in a wrongful death claim filed against the tractor trailer company and driver who caused the crash.

2004 - St. Petersburg Times - Nighttime fire kills mom and son - Jason represented the father of the boy who died in the fire against the trailer owner and tenant. Settlements were reached against all parties.

NBC6 - Jason was interviewed by NBC6 as a media expert on hit-and-run accidents after a University of Miami college student was struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver while crossing a busy intersection near the Coral Gables campus. campus.

2004 - After being killed by a stray bullet while his mom drove past a local truck stop, the family of Laverne Charles hired Jason Turchin to investigate the circumstances surrounding the shooting and to see how it could have been prevented.


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