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Our Florida crime victim's rights attorneys represent families of murder victims throughout all of Florida. If a family member was killed in Florida as a result of a crime, our FL murder victim attorneys can help with your case. Call a FL victims' rights lawyer at the Law Offices of Jason Turchin today for a free consultation at 800-337-7755, or submit your question online.

Types of Florida murder cases we can handle

If a family member was killed in Florida as a result of crime, our office can investigate to see if it was foreseeable or preventable. We've handled many civil lawsuits for murder victims throughout Florida. Some FL murder victim claims we can handle include:

  • Shooting death in an apartment complex in Florida
  • Shooting in a nightclub
  • ATM robbery and shooting at a bank in Florida
  • Drunk driver where someone is killed in the crash
  • Stabbing in an apartment complex, parking lot, or business property
  • Someone shot to death in a parking lot or gas station
  • Vehicular manslaughter claims
  • DUI manslaughter claims
  • General Florida wrongful death claim lawsuits and settlements

Florida crime victim advocates to investigate Florida murder claims

Many crimes are often preventable. We are Florida crime victim's rights advocates and attorneys who represent many crime victims. Cases we would handle include sexual assault, rape, molestation, murder, manslaughter, and assault and battery. Many of these crimes could have been prevented had adequate security and safety measures been taken. We will fight to try and make everyone who could have prevented the incident and the perpetrators take responsibility for what happened. Many crimes are not only foreseeable, but are preventable.

Fighting for answers for families of FL murder victims

We look at crime grids and analyze police data to see whether other crimes have occurred on the property before, and whether our client's injuries could have been prevented if the landowner provides adequate security. This would include, for example, a bar/club patron who is struck with a bottle during a fight and sustains injuries, or a store customer who is assaulted in the store's parking lot by unknown assailants. The property owner has insurance companies and lawyers working for them. You should have an attorney fighting for you.

Damages for victims in Florida wrongful death claims for murder

Florida's Wrongful Death Law allows families of a loved one murdered in Florida to pursue a civil claim for money and other damages in certain circumstances. Some claims a family could make in a Florida murder civil claim include:

  • Money to compensate a family member for lost support or services as a result of the loved one's death
  • Money for a parent whose child was killed for their emotional pain and suffering
  • Money for a child whose parent was shot and killed for their pain and suffering
  • Money for funeral expenses
  • Money for medical bills incurred as a result of the murder
  • Money for the loss of net accumulations of the person who died
  • Other possible damages

Where do our FL murder victim's rights lawyers handle claims?

We generally accept cases throughout the entire state of Florida. For example, some cases we handle civil claims for murder victims include:

  • Miami apartment complex murder civil claim
  • Overtown parking lot shooting death civil claim
  • Orlando murder victim civil claim attorneys
  • Tampa shooting death claim lawyers
  • Wrongful death attorneys in Key West for murder victim
  • Florida wrongful death lawyers for murder
  • Palm Beach shooting wrongful death lawyer
  • Attorneys in Miami for murder victims

Contingency Fee Civil Crime Victim's Rights Lawyers in Florida

Our office handles civil investigations and claims on behalf of FL murder victims on a contingency fee basis. This means we do not charge any money out of pocket. We only get paid if you recover money. We waive all fees and costs if there is no recovery.

We want answers and justice as attorneys for murder victims in Florida

Our goal is to not just get compensation for the victim's family, but also to get answers. We want to know why the incident happened, how it happened, and if it could have been prevented.

If you had a loved one get killed in Florida, call a Florida victim's rights attorney at the Law Offices of Jason Turchin today at 800-337-7755! Consultations are always free.


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